Village Hardware Store

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Available Now


Listing Type:   Building

1600 Sq Ft
Lot Size:   .25
Year Built:   1977
Accommodations:   1 Bath
Acres:   .25
14 SE 230th St.
Suwannee, FL32692
Dixie County

Additional Information

Village Hardware store is the only place to purchase your building supply needs within 24 miles. Sits in the coastal town of Suwannee and comes with lots of inventory. 88 of waterfront and additional land by the store gives for more opportunities. See sunsets from the register over the marsh grasses. Nice wood plank flooring.

Agent Contact Information

Sonja Reed,
Phone:   (352) 210-6309

Suwannee Realty
Suwannee Realty
23000 SE Highway 349
PO Box 247
Suwannee, FL 32692
(352) 542-0704
Fax: (352) 542-0744
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